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Hydrate This Holiday With Coconut Water

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Spring is finally here!

The temperature starts to rise and the mood starts to sheer up, we can’t wait to go outside and enjoy. It can be a trip to the beach, a good hike, a nice barbecue with family and neighbors, or maybe just sharing a cold beer with some friends.

The core idea of this season is to breathe fresh air and get some of the much-needed Vitamin D with the warm light of the bright sun. Nevertheless, there are some major recommendations to process all the benefits of Vitamin D protecting your system from too much UV radiation.

One of the main concerns while going in the sun is precisely hydration, as it means maintaining the balance of our organism processes and also getting that feeling of health, lightness, and freshness that makes the whole difference in how we spend our holidays.

That’s where coconut stands out as your best ally for spring and summer! Let us tell you some more about that.

For instance, a great hack little known for decades is to use coconut oil as sunscreen, filtering around 20% of UV radiation, which is what most of the light medical sunscreens are proven to be. You can get a fine tan and your well-recommended doses of Vitamin D while taking good care of your skin and making it softer and more elastic so you can also practice some sports, games, or any outdoor activity.

Natural coconut water has proved to be one of the best sources of hydration by many studies, even more than simple water, and it is probably the least expensive, more accessible source of hydration and quite frankly the most fitting for the scenario if your traveling destination of choice happens to be a beautiful beach or a tropical resort.

Drinking one or two liters of coconut water daily during these hot seasons will make a huge difference in your physical performance, your mood, and your overall health, keeping you on balance and full of energy.

You may also take a sip of a Coconut Margarita at night or a fresh Coconut Smoothie to start the day before going out, it will not only bring hydration but deliciousness to this great feeling of fun and lightness of these holidays.

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