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The Best Natural & Effective Hangover Remedies

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The party was quite fun, you drank more than usual, but that didn’t matter to you, you felt great, confident, happy. The problem was waking up. That moment when you open your eyes and the sun welcomes you, but it is not the only visitor. A migraine is also there with you and makes your life miserable. You feel like your eyes are going to explode, your head is spinning, and you do everything possible to avoid running to the bathroom.

We want to tell you that we have also been in that situation and that is why we want to help you with some hangover remedies.

One good Detox

After excesses, whatever they are, it is primordial to pamper your liver. This central organ of our body has many functions: it notably processes waste, manages toxins and all the “bad” products that we ingest. The liver is particularly stressed when you consume too much alcohol. A detox cure based on artichoke or black radish allows you to “clean” it after this overuse. 

Ginger for the nausea

The day after a party that is a little too drunk, you can be “woozy” nauseous… Thanks to its many virtues (anti-emetic properties), a portion of ginger can relieve nausea. Try a nice cup of tea with this fella. Maybe a smoothie with coconut water, a pinch of ginger, and lime can help you with that awful battle.

Choose your food wisely
Food is crucial if you want to feel better, but you need to choose carefully and discard all processed industrial products, meals too fatty, too sweet, or too salty. We recommend you go for healthy and light meals. Also, foods rich in fiber (legumes, vegetables, fruits, etc.) can do their job in the bathroom. You know what we’re talking about.