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Yoga: The Balance Between Physical And Mental Health

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Yoga is magic! Other than keeping you physically fit, it helps you to be calm and emotionally balanced. It gives you a lot of energy that keeps you productive throughout the day.’

Listen to your body and balance your mind

The most important thing before practicing yoga is to take the necessary time to listen to yourself. This practice is ideal to find a brilliant connection with yourself: it helps you read the signals of your body and your mind. Also, it has other benefits such as fighting depression, stress, relieving anxiety or sleeping problems.

For people with a more spiritual background, the effects of practice start to be felt beyond the physical body and off the mat. Yoga can help connect you more deeply to your sense of purpose and awareness of living in the present. As you start your journey, what you get out of the practice can also change based on your needs.

Once you decide to start practicing, focus on the space you want to perform your routines. Find a quiet place, with a large area, isolated from noise and always plan each session before starting. Do not focus the entire practice on your body, remember that each movement must be conscious and that your mind must receive it in the best way.

Tips to start practicing yoga

Here we will give you some valuable tips to make each session unforgettable:

1.Create a space where you feel comfortable: adapt it your way, you can set it freely, don’t forget that music is vital.
2.Invest in a yoga mat: there are all sizes, colors and prices.
3.Keep your yoga wear simple: Go for loose, comfortable clothing.
4.Keep your space free of furniture or obstacles.
5.Look for a firm and thick surface: avoid doing your routine on soft floors or with imperfections as much as possible.
6.Get a guide, be it a personal teacher, a group class, a book, or a reliable tutorial.
7.Find your yoga style: the world of yoga is immense and with time, you will know which style of yoga best suits your body.
8.If you travel, pack your yoga mat and practice in unique spots at the sunset or sunrise.
9.Eat Mindfully: Eating is key to preparing your body and keeping it light and ready for your next session.
10.Meditate: it is key that you rediscover yourself and give your mind the necessary tools to focus on your body energy and find that perfect balance.
11.Breathe and let yourself go.

The importance of processes in yoga

Many people fear practicing yoga due to a lack of elasticity in the body. We must understand that strength and flexibility are two factors that are acquired with dedication and time.

Yoga will help you to know your body and its limitations, keep in mind that breathing plays an essential role and that the concentration you need to correctly perform each posture depends on it. That is why it is so important to respect the processes, not to demand more of yourself, choose the right foods and be more and more aware of what enters your body, remember that you are what you eat.

Remember that this is a path of self-knowledge and continuous learning, it is not similar to a sport, or a competition to seek results, it is the healthiest way that exists to listen to the body, feed it consciously and find the best version of ourselves.