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Poke-n-Drink Coconuts To Change How Consumers Enjoy Fresh Coconut

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We are excited to highlight our innovative product, Poke-n-Drink Young Fresh Coconuts. Launched a few months ago, Poke-n-Drink coconuts has quickly become a favorite among all those who try it, for its simplicity and the unparalleled freshness it offers.

Opening a coconut has never been so easy, you can now enjoy the refreshing water and delicious meat of a young fresh coconut with minimal effort. As fresh as a recently cut coconut on the beach, these coconuts are available all year round, grown, processed, and packed in Mexico by our parent company, Coco Colima. This ensures a 7-day harvest-to-market time, guaranteeing maximum freshness and a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Key Features of Poke-n-Drink:

  • 7 Days Harvest-To-Market: Enjoy the freshest coconut water and meat, transported efficiently to retain peak freshness.
  • Low Carbon Footprint: Grown, processed, and packed less than 800 miles from Texas, reducing environmental impact.
  • 100% Natural Water & Meat: Pure, natural, and delicious coconut water and meat.
  • Grown by Us in Mexico: From farm to table, ensuring quality and sustainability at every step.

Since its launch, Poke-n-Drink has received positive feedback from consumers who appreciate its convenience and the superior quality of the coconut water and meat. This product has not only simplified the process of enjoying fresh coconut but has also set a new standard in the market for freshness and sustainability.

As we move forward, we are committed to continuing to innovate and provide our customers with the best coconut products available.

A de Coco is the leading coconut products brand in Latin America, known for delivering high-quality, fresh coconut products. Owned by Coco Colima, a leading coconut products manufacturer established in 1949, we offer a wide range of coconut-based products available at approximately 20,000 points of sale. Committed to sustainability and freshness, we are setting new standards in the coconut industry.